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Overcoming Loneliness

Category - Senior Citizen Health and Healthy Living

As you get older, you may lose friends and relatives. Here are tips to overcome loneliness :

Friends and family - Spend time with friends and family.

Clubs - join local clubs

Volunteer - Join local volunteer organizations

Hobbies - Learn new hobbies and develop old ones

Pets - Having pets helps in our emotional well being. Taking your dog out on a walk is great for exercise.

Books - Read books.

Travel - Retirement is a perfect time to travel and explore the world. Depending upon your budget you can travel locally or internationally.

Cruise vacations are ideal for senior citizens.

Social Media - Connect with people and friends across the world on social media.

Mentor and Coach - You have utilize your knowledge and skills to mentor and coach children, your people and companies.

Becoming politically active - Join political organizations that match your values and ideals and volunteer or even run for elected office

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