Forum Topic - Old age home required for a bedridden person.

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Author: sndp a

Subject: Old age home required for a bedridden person.


I am looking for an old age home that provides basic help and caregiving for a bedridden old person. My father who resides in New Delhi is around 78 years old and is a patient of parkinson. He is partially bedridden and his health is improving gradually with medication. As of now, he is able to eat food with his own hands.

I am looking for a reasonable old age home for my father where he can be taken care of and be helped with taking medicines, food, dyper change and washroom tasks.
I am just looking for a middle class old age home (I am not looking for a luxurious place) with most common help and caregiving available for a bedridden person.

I am an NRI living abroad and there is no other family member t

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